Bharathi Goidani
Associate Teacher
Over 15 years experience

Bharathi Goidani is a renowned Painter and Art Therapist and she works to boost the morale of children through art and colours.

She is the “Primary Year Program Head Facilitator at Symbiosis International School for Visual Arts” and a key contributor at “Wow Parenting Life School”.

Bharathi has been passionate about art right from her childhood, and has been conducting art classes in Pune city since over 15 years as she is very passionate about teaching art. 

Drawing, colouring and painting need to be explored as they are deeply connected to an individual’s emotions. Some like pencils, some like colours, and some like paints, and there is a psychology behind each which Bharathi explores and helps the children grow through these skills.

Join us to make the most of this opportunity to learn from a renowned artist and art therapist and transform into an art lover by learning art which is near and dear to your heart.

Bharathi assures that she will be able to tap the potential of the children through art.