Kanisha Shahani
Associate Teacher
20 years

Kanisha firmly believes that investment in training and development for kids from the very start makes a child develop a number of interests and talents. She is passionate about teaching and makes children feel at ease. She can easily engage, inspire and motivate children to achieve more. She is always positive with her thoughts and can keep the room very engaging.
Kanisha Shahani is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience including international education and work assignments with industries such as Insurance, Telecom and Customer Service. She has worked in Australia, Hong Kong and India.
Prior to own venture, she worked as a trainer with Capita Pvt. Ltd., Pune. She holds a degree in Commerce from Delia Memorial, Hong Kong. She uses various techniques in gauging her audience and uses appropriate style of communication to suit them.
She specializes in workshops like a friendship and communication workshop, a self-esteem and confidence workshop, getting children to read, disciplines and builds on strength, fills a learning gap, fun activities, basic etiquettes, speech and phonics.
Being a party planner, she likes to play games with kids where they learn how to share, communicate, be friendly with strangers and be confident coming out in public.
One of the schools Kanisha has trained for is, Bright Beginners and takes tuitions for various subjects.
She is currently teaching a student with autism.
She hails from Hong Kong, can speak Cantonese fluently and currently resides in Pune with her husband. She spends her free time reading, surfing the net and listening to music. She has her own Party Planning Business with the name KAS Party Planner where she gets a chance to communicate with all age groups.

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