Priyanka Srivastava
Associate Teacher
7 years of experience

Priyanka is a Cedarwood Associate Teacher for courses related to Creative Writing, Grammar Grip, Public Speaking and Reading Club. These courses help children explore and articulate different writing styles and improve oral speech.

She is a qualified educator with over 7 years of experience in different management colleges, as a Marketing and Communication faculty. She is a visiting Associate Professor at Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, Pune and Sai Balaji International Institute of Management and Studies, Pune. Priyanka also has considerable experience of running a preschool in the past.

Priyanka has been certified for Sales and Selling Techniques and Negotiation Skills by NIS Sparta, Asia’s leading training provider close to 25 years. She has been awarded with a Gold Medal for securing highest marks in University and College while pursuing B.Com and M.Com.

Priyanka loves working with young children and engaging them through storytelling sessions. Priyanka has been awarded an MBA from UP Technical University and a Ph.D in Commerce from CSJM Kanpur University. She lives in Wakad, Pune.