Reema Taware
Associate Teacher
20 years of experience

Reema Nagpal Taware is a passionate educator and runs an academy called Acquire Rapport Interact for English Enhancement, Elocution, Reading, Personality Development and Communication. She is a gold medalist from London School of Music, Dramatics and Arts. She also trains people taking exams like IELTS and Trinity College of London.
She has taught, trained and mentored more than a thousand students and adults so far by helping them enhance their communicaion and social skills. She conducts regular classes and workshops related to English language and literature. Apart from this, she also conducts workshops related to communication skills, leadership and presentation skills for people in various fields like hospitality, retail, social media and corporates. She also teaches Speech and Drama and English Enhancement at schools like Global Indian International School and conducts freelance lectures related to the same at the Bishop's School in Camp.
She believes that the global language 'English' can be spoken by all and is essential for an individual's growth and success in every walk of life.

Courses I Teach