Tasneem Murtuza Ali Ginwala
Associate Teacher
Over 6 years experience

Tasneem is a Cedarwood Associate Teacher for courses related to Phonetics, Reading and Elocution that help in improving oral speech by improving diction, articulation and enhancing word power. Phonetics is important for children to learn to read and spell. Tasneem has been an educator for more than 6 years. In her last stint before joining Cedarwood, she was a Class Teacher at South Breeze School in Dhaka. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys working with young minds. In her own words, “Teaching demands training, preparation, patience, devotion and a deep sense of responsibility. It shapes the character, talent, and future of an individual. Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is most important. It’s a beautiful feeling when career and passion comes together.” Tasneem has majored in Economics and also holds a diploma in Computer Network Fundamental and Designing.