Yvonne Mathews
over 19 years experience

Yvonne has over 19 years of teaching experience as a pre & primary school teacher. She has previously worked with schools like: Don Bosco, Holy Cross and Divine Mercy in Mumbai. Yvonne teaches Elocution, Speech & Drama for pre and primary school children. Through fun activities in her courses Yvone teaches the child how to speak correctly and emphasize on correct accent, syntax, pronunciation, tone, and stress. Here the child also learns how to stand and gesture when speaking to an audience. Yvonne also provides homework assistance for primary school children after school hours. Yvonne holds an SSC from Good Shepherd Convent, Karnataka. She is full of fun and loves to see people enjoy themselves while learning. Children are very fond of her and share a great bond with her. Yvonne is proud of the fact that she makes a real difference in a child’s life through her work.

Courses I Teach