Cedar Astronauts

Let’s go on an outer space expedition! All about the solar system, moon, astronauts and rockets through videos, poems and fun activities especially designed for the little ones! 

To infinity and beyond is what Buzz Lightyear said, but let’s be honest, isn’t the thought fascinating? We’ve got activities to give freedom to those thoughts through this workshop.Children will have the opportunity to learn about astronauts, the space suit, the way they travel and survive in outer space and the solar system. They will do the same through some activities, games and art and craft.


Children are also informed about a few famous astronauts, terminologies used by astronauts and what it means when they have a mission in space. They’re explained what rockets and satellites are and why we need them. Children are also given the chance to express their views on the above before explaining anything. They learn about some facts related to the earth and moon.

They do get the chance to become astronauts by painting a picture and inserting their own photographs!

Date : 21st May - 25th May, 2018
Time : 10:30am to 1:00 pm