Cedar Chefs & Dinning Etiquettes

Cooking is love made visible. Having fun while cooking is just an added bonus! In this workshop, children will be taught how to make a new dish every single day. The dishes have a wide range. Our faculty will teach kids a few savoury and a few sweet dishes. There will be dishes like doughnuts, dips, chocolate mousse, pizza and much more!


Our Cedar Chefs will be taught these dishes under the guidance of our experienced teachers and will be given the recipes too. There will be no gas/stove involved and anything that does require any of these will be pre-cooked. However, children will be informed about the way to cook these.


The kids will be quizzed at the end of each day on the dish cooked on that respective day which will help build their confidence, teamwork and help them with understanding the dishes better. They will be able to take home, a portion of the dish and also have a bite of their creations. Children will be able to make a folder containing all the recipes in case they decide to make any of these delicious dishes in the future!


A few basic Dinning & Table Etiquettes will also be intordoduced in this workshop. Which cutlery to use for ehich course along with a few converstaion starters ! Enrol to find out more ! 

Date : 14th May - 18th May
Time : Mon-Fri 10:30 - 1:00 PM