Cedarwood Summer Camp 2019

It's time to beat the heat with Cedarwood's Summer Camp with 7 weeks packed full of fun activities!


Our summer workshop has loads of inviting themes which will be announced each week, and with loads of fun things such as drama, art, theatre, creative based learning and more; we are sure your child won't even know where the time went!

Children will get a variety of themes to choose from, and with a brand new theme every week, we are more than sure your child is going to be entertained and enlightened throughout the two months! 

Our workshop is more than just a fun activity to pass the Summer with, it's a creative-based-learning process! So parents can be assured that their children will be learning important personality developmental skills, and gaining insights into the wonderful themes they opt for!


Register now and be the first to know when the themes are announced! 

Our workshop locations are all across Pune. The timing will vary from location to location and shall be informed accordingly. 


Date : 7th April
Time : 9:00 am