Deck My Room

Let’s decorate our room with our own creation!  Filled with lots of Art, Craft and fun, this workshop will let you carry home your creativity! 

We all like personalized stuff. And what better way to get something personalized than by making it yourselves?! And this workshop is meant to do exactly that.


Children are taught how to make various items for their rooms. They’re taught how to make photo frames from newspapers which is also an added lesson in recycling and how to make a name plate and decorate it. Not just this, kids also learn how to make a pencil stand, pencil puppet and bunting from bubble wrap (which may we add, is very satisfying) and a flower design.

This workshop is a great medium to not only make a few décor items but also develop their art and craft abilities.

Date : 14th May - 25th May, 2018
Time : Mon-Fri 10:30am to 1:00 pm