Fun with Minions

Don’t we all love Minions! Minion inspired craft and activities will be included in this week long camp.  

Here's what the children will be exposed to during the 5 day workshop;

It can’t get any better than having a workshop based on minions! In this workshop, children get to not only look at minions in a video but also learn some minion based art and language.

Kids will have the opportunity to make minion inspired artwork like bookmarks, minion mosaic, greeting cards, hats and some room décor.

Children will have the chance to observe the kind of language they speak in the movies, learn to dance on the song ‘Happy’ from the movie, play a game to help build their teamwork and have fun the minion way!

Date : 7th May - 18th May
Time : 10:30 am to 1:00 pm