Study Smart Series: An Online Workshop

Does your child blank out before an exam? Or do they find it stressful to plan and schedule syllabus? Are they unable to complete their exam preparation due to lack of time?

No concerns hereafter! Welcome to Cedarwood's intensive workshop on "Smart Studying Habits" that helps students adopt efficient study habits.
We believe that no student is born with superior intelligence, but, if they put in considerable study time and concentration into their academics, they are no less than any academic genius!
We assist children to gauge their studying style and pattern and help them identify and understand their study techniques, and give tips on how to efficiently manage their time. After all, showcasing all their hard work in academics is important and reflects on their overall personal development and Cedarwood aids in developing that skill with this series!


This is a 3 part series, which addresses the stages of studying, pre, during and post exams. It focuses on studying habits that children should adopt in order to get the best out of their study sessions. You can check out this teaser video here , to know what the Study Smart series contains! 


If you want to opt for the full introductory video and the rest of the series, sign up today! Please note that this is an ongoing series for which you can opt for at any time.


The first video of the series is now live! Fill out the registration form and purchase the first series here, and you'll find an invite sent to your email to access the first video, exclusively available to you! 


Date : 24/11/2019
Time : 5:00