Elocution & Reading Club

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Key Learning Outcomes

Increases creative thinking

Improves fluency, voice projection and tones

Increases efficacy of expressing one’s ideas and thoughts

Increases the confidence level

Reading will spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity

Develop early literacy skills.

Elocution & Reading Club

About The Course

Elocution plays a crucial role in improving the speaking skills of children, whereas reading enhances their vocabulary and comprehension by stimulating their imagination. 

At Cedarwood, we have specially designed modules that emphasize improving your child’s overall verbal communication skills and instilling in them a love for reading. Various activities, like poetry recitation, extempore, tongue twisters, vocal exercises, etc, are added to the lesson plan to help your child overcome their inhibitions in communicating with an audience. This course will not only help your child in improving their diction but also help them develop a flair for reading through a variety of fun-based and interactive activities..

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